A conversation over caviar about architecture

This is a link to an interview with the winner of The Pritzker Prize for Architecture, Jean Nouvel.

The prize is the top award given to modern architects, and is normally the crowning achievement of a glorious career, rather than something that plucks an obscure designer from the mist of anonymity.

Nouvel is an interesting guy, and who am I to say who should and should notbe given what they’re given. I have to say that, as interesting as his ideas are, and sound, man-oh-man is this a pretentious interview. I was waiting for the interviewer to ask if he could give him a kiss, or put a polish on that done… (As you can see by my pick above, I need a polist too, now and then…)

Anyway… Check it out. The pic here, though you can’t see it too well, is Nouvel’s proposed design for the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum.