A Getty official comments on museum’s antiquities “giveback”

Culture Grrrll, aka Lee Rosenbaum, is simply one of the best out there, and has posted an interview with Michael Brand of the Getty Museum on life after some very well publicized givebacks.

It’s one that will take a few minutes and will require some thought, because the discussion gets a little esoteric at points. Still though, after two years of following this story in the news and watching as priceless antiquities have gone back to their countries of origination after being scattered by Colonialism, it’s quite cool to hear from some one at the Getty itself.

I do have to say, however, Brand comes off a lot like a politican in this interview.

Rosenbaum doesn’t hesitate to ask a few questions, and to try and pin down Brand on the minutae of the agreement(s) that sent some prized Getty posessions back to Italy.

Good stuff.