A great piece of architectural glass gone in NYC

The Robert Sower's Window is GoneLiving for so many years in NYC, I had more than my share of opportunities to check out the Robert Sower’s window at JFK Airport’s American Airlines terminal. It is – was – truly- an architectural masterpiece and a piece of Modernism that never lost its glory.


As an entry point to NYC and America for many millions of flyers, it spoke philosophically of the American spirit, its artistic soul and its ability to make the seemingly impossible possible. As a piece of art, I love this thing.

Now it’s gone. Or going, at least, as reported across the nation and against the best efforts of the good folks at Save America’s Window.

They did their best to get a sponsor to get behind the project, but many musuems said it would be too hard to keep the piece intact. Personally, I don’t believe it and think it’s a damn shame the window is coming down, piece by piece, to be scattered across the nation and possibly the world.

Often, traveling through JFK, the airport was so hectic to get into or out of that the only respite I was given, the only moment of zen and calm, was when I could walk out and see the sun streaming in distinct blades through those colored panes, or reflecting the light of night time, reminding me I had indeed just come home.

Goodbye to the Sower’s window and goodbye to a distinct American art treasure.