A pretty penny expected at auction for first edition ‘Emma’

Just a tiny mention here at The Press Association regarding the upcoming London sale of a rare three-volume first edition set of Jane Austen’s “Emma,” inscribed by the great woman herself to her governess.

Antique Auction - Emma first ed.jpgI will plead ignorance here and tell you I’ve never read “Emma,” or seen any of the film, PBS or BBC adaptations of it. Austen just isn’t my thing, really, but I respect her place as a huge and enduring literary figure, and actually do regret the gap in my literary knowledge. Back inmy early 20s, when I was working a night job at Shakespeare and Co., on lower Boradway in NYC, my focus was really on Faulkner, Nabokov, Cormac McCarthy, Russel Hoban and a plethora of great Russians. Perhaps when my daughter gets a little older, and I have time to read a real book in large chunks, I’ll pick up Austen. Oh well.

The books are expected to bring about 50,000 pounds, or $100,000, depending on the exchange rate when the sale takes place June 24.