A titanic antique – rare ticket to doomed ship sells

King of the world!

Cue to the Celine Dion, and get me some ear plugs…

No, really, in all seriousness, one of the last remaining tickets for the Titanic from a survivor that was five at the time of the sinking, and died in 2006 at age 99, sold over the weekend for $66,000. This story is from the AFP.

I wonder what it is about the sinking of the Titanic that still captivates the world’s imagination. It goes beyond the horrible movie of a decade ago, or so – it has to, otherwise there is no meaning in life.

There is something about that night, and the iceberg that sank the ship, and the split of those that died and those that survived, that people just simply can’t get enough of. There are not a lot of mementos left from the actual journey and thpse that are left are jealously guarded, which makes this even rarer. In fact, I’m surprise it didn’t go for double the price.

Tangentially, I can remember traveling through Asia in 1998, a good two years after the movie came out (“Craptanic” as me an my friends liked to call it) and I can remember seeing people wearing t-shirts all over the place and – especially in India – lines around the block to get in to see it. All this, despite the fact that there were no musical numbers in it. In fact, that would have made it an entertaining movie, at least. I loves me some Bollywood… But hey, I know what you’re thinking. “Stick to the antiques, Fleisher. If we wanted movie reviews we’d go to RottenTomatoes.com.