“… and we can’t make any exceptions”

I’m troubled.

I read a news story this morning and I’m stuck on it. At the heart of the matter:

A Waterbury antiques dealer has been barred from selling vintage
American flags on eBay because of restrictions he placed on who can buy
the flags.

(You can read the full story here.)

Mark Albino, owner of C&M Antiques and Collectibles in Waterbury, veteran, and dealer of vintage flags, will not sell a flag to anyone who might desecrate it. An honorable stand to make.

Albino is also a powerseller on eBay, and eBay will not allow such buyer discrimination. Their policy is you either sell internationally or you don’t – you don’t get to pick and choose which countries you will ship to.

Perhaps Albino needs to find a new venue to sell his vintage flags …

What are your feelings about this? It’s a sad situation when we have to worry about the buyer’s intent.

— Karen