And with your antique glassware, a little foul play anyone?

Unfortunately, it’s not too uncommon for an antiques shop to catch fire. Gather so much old stuff together in a small place, old itself, with old wiring and not a lot of maintenance, and, well, it can go up like a mob-owned restaurant in Jersey (sorry, I’ve been watching alot of Sopranos reruns on cable late at night as I troll for blog content…).

It all gets a little more interesting, and sinister – Sopranos again? – when, after a fire, a body is found in the debris.

This is a story out of a TV station in South Carolina about just such a thing
. It happened at The Old Mill Antiques Mall, and, as far as this report goes, there is a suggestion it could either be murder or a thief who broke in and started the fire. The report says nothing about cluthcing a piece of Red Wing to their charred body, so a pottery dispute is probably not the motive…

Seriously, though, I hate to see a place destroyed, and I hate to think about the cultural value of the material that burned with the building.