Another battle at Antietam? Can’t we all get along?

The Baltimore Sun is reporting about the attempts to put up a cell phone tower – disguised as a barn silo – on the edges of the Antietam battlefield.

It’s hard for me to have a professional opinion on this, because I’m supposed to be an objective observer. We all know how much of one I am…

There are alot of preservationists up in arms about this, because Antietam is such an important and well-preserved battlefield, a stirring moument to the bloodiest day in American History.

I’ve been to Antietam, and the place is still full of ghosts, and is a very moving place to be. You can see the proximity that the Rebels and Federals fought each other, and you can imagine how frightening and bloody it was. It’s been largely spared any sort of commercial encroachment, and I can’t help but think that once the flood gates are opened, a strip mall and a Kwik-E-Mart can’t be too far behind.

Check out the story and decide for yourself. In my personal opinion – not professional, mind you – no value can be placed on a site like Antietam… Isn’t that what putting up a cell tower would be doing?