Antique Blog in NYC I’ve been enjoying

Given that most of the reports Trader gets coming out of NYC are of super-high priced sales, where the glamorous and the flfthy rich – not to mention the beautiful – can afford to go an play while the rest of stubbornly soldier on, paying $3 or more for gas and wondering when that suitcae of money is going to fall from the sky. We snag what we can at auction, when we can. Or, if you’re a dealers, then going to sales, auctions and shows, many many of them, is simply your job. It would be nice to know what it’s like sometimes to simply be a journeyman antiquer…

The link here is to a blog in NYC called Here Be Old Things, and its proprietress faithfully charts the whole spectrum of NYC antiques, from the big shows and auctions they wouldn’t even let me in the door to, to the weekly sales and shops, like Hell’s Kitchen (formerly Chelsea) and some of the day-in day-out auction houses that aren’t the monopolizers. It doesn’t hurt that she’s a fan of Trader’s blog, as well.

Living in Manhattan for a dozen years, I had more than one occasion to go through many NYC fleas, and they were always interesting, and you could always tell who had the really good stuff because their booth was basically an empty spot on the ground.

Check out the blog and let me know what you think. We’ll be linking to it from time to time to check out the coverage.