Antique Trader annual to the rescue

A couple of weeks ago, my family headed to Wisconsin Dells, a popular play-place in Central Wisconsin,  to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.

Of course, what’s a trip anywhere without heading into some local antique shops and antique malls. We managed to make it to three shops before the child’s feet gave out. Of course, I was paranoid with her touching everything she could … “you break it – you buy it” was reverberating through my head.

I breathed a bit easier when she decided to stick to my husband’s side rather than mine. You see, my husband and I don’t walk through shops and flea markets together – we separate and each look on our own. It works for us.

Anyway, my family was waiting for me at the front of the mall, my daughter sitting pathetically on the floor because her feet and legs were tired, my husband waiting patiently, and I finally found something that “grabbed” me.

AntiqueTraderCoverAnnual1982-83.jpgAn Antique Trader Weekly annual. And at half price, too! From long before my time with the magazine started – 1982-1983 … (let’s see, I was a freshman in high school … back then I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in antiques) … but now I want to go back through and read all the great features bound within its pages.

I could sit and read through it for hours: the evolution of the ice cream dipper; sewing machines; pie-making tools; Fostoria lamps; Staffordshire toy ware; Christmas seals; collecting washboards; the list of fabulous antique features goes on and on …

Perhaps as I read through it I’ll be inspired to start a new collection, or maybe revisit a subject or two in an upcoming issue of Antique Trader.

I guess even the Antique Trader is collectible now …

The really great thing, the very next week, a collectibles club contacted Antique Trader inquiring about an old article on Christmas tree ornaments that was published back in 1982. Fate was watching out for all of us, because we found the article in the annual that I had just picked up. I get goosebumps thinking about it …

Happy Hunting everyone!

— Posted by Karen Knapstein


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