Changing times call for a changed magazine

Redesigning a magazine is a lot like planning a large holiday dinner: It takes a lot of planning, you want to serve up your favorites, offer something fresh and everyone should be comfortable.

With a new era of the hobby upon us, collectors are looking for new ways to interact with their precious objects. Coming off a 25-year collecting binge, an increasing number of collectors are shifting into new lifestyles and downsizing their investments. The Internet has broken down any walls that remained to collecting and it’s changed how we embark on the most thrilling aspect of the hobby: the hunt. Collectors were quick to follow these changes. The result is a growing number of auction houses and a shrinking number of traditional mom-and-pop run antiques stores and shows.

So it’s appropriate that the trade magazine you read reflect these changes, not only in the news we report but also in the way we deliver the information to you each week and online. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see:

A new size – The dimensions of Antique Trader magazine will actually be similar to traditional magazines you see on your local newsstands. The new size will be 8 inches wide by 10 3/4 inches high. The new size also helps us fits our “magazine” moniker. Most importantly also helps us solve chronic delivery problems. The new size no longer needs special handling in shipping and can now be bundled with standard-sized magazines for faster service. A sample of the cover is shown at right using last week’s cover story.

More pages – Average issues will have 50 percent more pages than before. We will also feature more color pages, which helps us show off unique items that can be adequately presented in full color.

Pictures and prices – Collectors are visual people who want to see new and interesting things. We will be adopting a “pictures and prices” philosophy that helps expose you to new discoveries, favorite finds and latest market prices.

Among the new features and returning favorites:

Postcard Album – Barbara Andrews has written for Antique Trader for more than 30 years. Her background in postcard collecting has made her one of the most popular columnists in the nation.

Collecting Jewelry –Author Kathy Flood will share her love of antique and vintage jewelry on a regular basis. The owner of an online antique jewelry shop, Flood will speak to the market for jewelry, popular styles and trends. She is the author of numerous books on the subject, most recent of which is Warman’s Jewelry, 4th Edition.

Speaking of Dolls – Sherry Minton’s monthly column is the only column that regularly reports the latest auction prices for dolls traded on the open market. Her pricing analysis puts her work second to none. She is president of three clubs belonging to the United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc. She is a senior member of the American Society of Appraisers with a Designated Specialty in Dolls and Toys.

More research from new voices – You will see new voices and experts share what they’ve learned. From coin-ops to Moriage, we will offer you the latest knowledge by those who have collected or worked professionally in these areas.

Online sales results – Hundreds of items are traded online every minute on both auction sites and dealers’ new online shops. These results aren’t generally published, however, we are developing a system at that will allow dealers and auction houses to submit sales results. This will offer readers a broad view of what’s selling and for what prices.

No changes will be made to the number of issues you get each year. Thanks to a change in the production process, we will be delivering the new format two weeks earlier than we reported in the last issue. The new Antique Trader will start with the April 21 edition.

I’d love to hear what you want to see with this change. Drop me a note at or call 800-726-9966, ext. 13233 and let’s talk.

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