Antiques auction as theater?

There was a very contentious auction over the weekend in South Deerfield, MA, my old stomping grounds. (if you’re ever in the area, go to The People’s Pint in Greenfield for some of the best microbrew beers you’ll ever taste, especially the Farmer Brown Ale. Mmm-mmm.)

Antique Auction riot.jpgThis story is from The Springfield Intruder
, about the sale at the Old First Church, sponsored by the Springfield Museums Association, and run by Douglas Auctions.

Here’s what the Springfield Republican had to say about it:

Museum officials this week expressed alarm that historic
items were to be auctioned and might be lost to the city. In response,
church moderator Susan R. Saunders, expressed surprise, saying that
museum and historical society officials were allowed to view and take
church items recently.

Add to this a swarm of local media, angry residents and church-goers and you have the makings of a massive Broadway hit like Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding (hated it!) and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (hated it!) and all those other interactive plays that were so in vogue 10 years ago in NYC.

There were even reporters threatened with arrest! Reporters!