Antiques dealers in Canada face same challenges as in US

In the Oct. 13 (cover date) issue of Antique Trader, we bring you a pair of features set in Canada, our northern neighbor.

In Chinese traditional toys and games at the Royal Ontario Museum, author John Norris, known across the continent as an authoritative voice on the Canadian antiques market, shows us antiques dealers are facing the same challenging economic conditions as in “the States.”

My wife and I visited Ontario a decade ago for our honeymoon where we picked up some wonderful pieces of folk art. Each shop featured fantastic Canadian furniture, Native American artifacts and glass of all kinds. Prices were high then but the currency conversion offered us an extra 50 cents on the dollar.

Ten years later, the currency conversion is more equitable but the contributing factor is a global slow down. Still, this opportunity to visit the area and shop its shows and dealers makes for a great adventure. The goal isn’t to break the bank but to have fun, and a pleasant country drive to enjoy the fall colors and antiques sounds like a great getaway to me.

Norris’ antiques coverage continues in  What’s hot at Toronto’s Christie Classic antique show, where he takes us to Toronto’s Christie Classic show. The 300 antique dealers there are working hard to find antiques and vintage items good enough to tease a few more dollars from customers’ pockets.

Another sad but familiar note heard in Canada, it seems not even the young people there are learning an appreciation for precious objects.  Families are calling dealers – not other family – when it’s time to downsize.

— Eric Bradley


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