Antiques education on the rise during recession?

A bad economy spurs growth? While at first glance this statement might seem somewhat contradictory given today’s economic woes, it would appear that a few sectors of the antique market are experiencing some rather significant gains in some rather unexpected areas. The Asheford Institute of Antiques, a professional-level distance-learning program on antiques and collectibles, recently announced that it’s winter enrollment applications had spiked dramatically during the last quarter of 2008 – a somewhat surprising development when considering the overall state of today’s current marketplace.

When contacted directly about the sudden rise in enrollments, Asheford Admissions Dean, Tony Dre w, commented that, “In times of economic trouble, people often turn to education as a means to increase their income, and sometimes even as a catalyst to find a new career direction in life – we’ve seen it before.” He went on to say that with the school’s addition of an “appraising program,” he thought there might also be more interest due in part to recent housing foreclosures and subsequent content sales – resulting in the increased demand for qualified appraisers. “Almost every other enrollment we take now is based on students wanting to become antique and collectible appraisers,” said Drew.0A

Longtime industry analyst Jeffery Archer also noted that, not all areas of the economy are always affected adversely when it comes to a recession, “In fact,” said Archer, “some sectors of the antique and collectibles market can offer tremendous value and superb buying opportunities for those with the right knowledge and expertise.” Archer went on to say it shouldn’t be a surprise when schools such as Asheford witness strong growth demand, “It’s all about opportunity – when times are tough, people often seize the best options available to them – in this case it happens to be antique education.”

The Asheford school, which recently celebrated its 42nd year this past week, marked the milestone with a small gala, during which school director Charles Green commented, “It’s nice to be able to provide our students with some positive growth potential – even in such difficult economic times.”

For more information call 877 444-4508, visit or write Asheford Institute of Antiques, 981 Harbor Blvd., Ste. 3, Dept. 275RY12, Destin, FL 32541-2525

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