Antiques News from around the Web. Mon. Oct. 18, 2010

These stories caught my eye this morning:

Antique vehicles destroyed in Middleboro garage fire

In a flash a man’s antique car collection went up in smoke yesterday afternoon and investigators have not determined what caused the fire. … an antique Ford pickup truck and a Hudson were destroyed, as was another antique car outside the building.

Antique American coin haul found in Hackney back garden

A trove of antique gold coins has been dug up in a Hackney back garden.
The stash of 80 gold $20 coins was found by two residents of the property in Stamford Hill who decided to do a bit of gardening with friends. After breaking through the earth, the friends stumbled across the coins, ranging in date from 1854 to 1913.

Titanic poster fetches £60,000 at auction

A poster of the Titanic has sold at auction for a staggering £60,000 – after a fierce battle by collectors at auction. An unnamed American bought the rare lithographic picture of the ill-fated Titanic and her sister ship the RMS Olympic, after a hard-fought telephone bidding war. The poster was produced by acclaimed marine artist Montague Black.

Latest Antiques video:

Mill House Antiques & Gardens yesterday posted an interesting look at their recent exhibit at the Washington Connecticut Antiques Show:

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