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Caroline_Ashleigh.jpgHave you been listening to the entire buzz generated lately about the new reality television shows staring appraisers, auctioneers, vintage objects, and the suspense their discoveries generate?

The venerable forebear of the trend is, of course, PBS’s Antiques Roadshow, broadcast since 1997. Marsha Bemko, its executive producer, said in a recent telephone interview that she welcomed the new programs, partly because they help to remind people to research possessions carefully. “What is nice to see is this great appreciation and enthusiasm for old things. If we’ve helped spread that passion, great.”

Detective.jpgStarting with History Channel’s American Pickers who scour the country’s junk yards, basements and barns for hidden treasures; and Pawn Stars, filmed in a Las Vegas family owned pawn shop, which has garnered great interest; many more new shows are on the horizon. Many of the series’ titles are confusingly similar, but the underlying premises do vary.

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