As changes near, eBay debate encore

Rob Pegoraro, a blogger at The Washington Post, gives the eBay issue a look from both sides of the issue and concludes that eBay is a Monolith Marketplace, and that it’s 80M+ users think of it as a community. It’s a nice little examination of the debate that the eBay antiques… uh… sector has been having for a few months now.

This conclusion has resulted in the weird disconnect from reality that has emanated from eBay HQ high on its magic mountaintop in the mist, where it’s suspected that a few remaining regular human beings actually may say hello now and then as they pass in the hall on the way to bathroom in the basement.

It’s also now thought that the great ancient demon Cthulhu might be the real replacement for Meg Whitman. That’s just what I hear, though…