Asa Ames at AFAM in NYC – Folk art as good as it can get

Say the name Asa Ames to collectors of folk art and their eyes will glaze and they will begin to salivate. Just look at that stuff. Antique - Susan Ames.JPG

Antiques - Naked Child.JPGAmazing amazing painted wood sculptures with so much detail, energy and life that it’s hard to look at the pictures. I simply want to scoop one of these things up, take it home, make it a cup of tea and ask it about its creator.

Right now, just opened – and as reported here by the New York Times – The American Folk Art Museum in Manhattan is featuring an exhibition of eight sculptures by Asa Ames, one of the most talented and mysterious of the itinerant 19th century folk artists, born and died in Buffalo, NY when he was just 27. Antiques - Ames Dag.JPG

Ames left behind only 13 known examples – there may well be more hiding out there – many of which were done toward the end of his life.

Where did he learn his art? Why didn’t he make more? Did he make more? Who has them?

Part outsider, part folk artist and all genius, check out the Times article and the slide show of the works in the exhibition. The AFAM is an amazing place, with as much great art as any museum of its size in the world. For lovers of real folk and Outsider art, there is nothing quite like it. Simply the best.