Atlantique City – At last!


After a long week of vacation last week – agonizing, as you can imagine, spending so much time with my lovely wife and daughter in Phoenix and Las Vegas – I got into Atlantic City last Wednesday night. Travel was 13 hours from Vegas, with a few nighmarish waits in TSA lines at all airports.

It’s time for good antiques and the Atlantique City Antiques Show.

We have spent two exhausting days getting the show ready, but as I write this morning, the show floor at the Atlantic City Convention Center looks beautfiul, there is a crowd of 2000 people waiting outside the door and we are hoping for a good show. We know it looks good, and quality is ubiquitous. Now we are waiting for the buyers.

The weather here is a bit chilly and overcast, which means good weather for antique buying, and the attitude seems to be optimistic, which is half the battle when there are such problems with the economy. I don’t, however, have to tell any Trader readers that.

What I can tell you is that I’m excited for the opening of this show, proud of the hard work we’ve done and ready to see this thing come off a success.

If any of you out there are coming today or tomorrow, or go this weekend and read this later, give me a holler and let me know what you think.

I’ll post more later today, hopeufully with some pics, but no promises…