Auctionblip signs 75th partner to global auction network

Auctionblip, an international network delivering personalized auction information on a limitless variety of collectibles, announced that it has added its 75th partner to its network of auction houses. This announcement gives collectors exclusive access to all collectibles available at 75 of the world’s top auction houses, no matter what type of item they are searching for.

By working with auction houses across the world, Auctionblip provides a free and easy-to-use online resource for collectors. The service automatically alerts its users by email when their selected items become available at auction. After visiting Auctionblip, a user simply registers his/her email address at the Web site, enters their top ten “must have” wish list of collectibles of all type, and receives detailed notification from the Auctionblip team once the items are found. This informative email includes the name of the auction house with the auction date, lot number, pictures and description of the item, and the link to the auction Web site.

“This announcement represents Auctionblip bringing its unique online collectible search platform to the best auction houses across the world,” said David Epstein, CEO of Auctionblip and lifelong collector. “We feel that by adding Dan Ripley’s Antique Helper, Leslie Hindman Auctions, and others, Auctionblip is now able to provide collectors with the most comprehensive search tool available for collectors today.”

Through Auctionblip, collectors of every kind have access to information from the top auction houses offering a variety of items within each collectible industry, from antiques to comic books and sports memorabilia. Other top partners in the Auctionblip network include Mastro Auctions, GoAntiques, Heritage Auction Galleries, and Dan Ripley’s Antique Helper, which signed on as the 75th partner.

“We see this as an exciting opportunity to reach new customers, and alert collectors from across the world when our items are available at auction,” said Dan Ripley, CEO of Dan Ripley’s Antique Helper. “By providing the Auctionblip userbase with online access to our catalogs in advance, collectors will be able to find the antiques they are looking for in a way that was never before possible.”

This announcement follows steady progress within Auctionblip since its launch in October 2007. Over the past ten months, the company has grown its auction network to 75 of the World’s biggest auction houses, securing partnerships with leading auction houses in the United States, Australia, the UK and Germany. The company also introduced a free registration model, and increased its userbase by more than 400 percent since June. Auctionblip also redesigned its homepage, and announced it will be adding a new interactive forum, “Collector’s Click,” where collectors will be able to chat via message boards to share tips, advice and images of their collections with other interested parties.

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