Auctioneer, appraiser team up for weekly sales

CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. — Professional Appraisers & Liquidators Auction Gallery is mixing it up a bit this fall.

Charles Fudge, a Citrus County, Fla. auctioneer for nearly four decades, sells  Tiffany lamps, sterling silver, gold, diamond jewelry, collectible figurines and everything in between. Joel Kulscar, of Wiliston, Fla., has been conducting estate auctions for over 17 years. Those attending a Kulscar auction have found a smorgasbord ranging from quality antiques to appliances or even dishes and pots and pans.

The two auctioneers have recently formed a strategic relationship to bring a greater variety of merchandise across the auction block in Crystal River. This will enable each of the auctioneers to reach a broader audience. Starting Sept. 7, the two auctioneers melded their unique styles.

There are few limitations as to what is offered in an estate auction. “Picture the contents of three homes all offered for sale over the course of four or five hours, and that will gives you a pretty good picture of an estate auction,” said owner Charles Fudge.

Clientelle expected to attend the Monday night auctions will be as varied as the items themselves. Antique enthusiasts will come, looking for that special piece to add to their collection. Antique dealers will be looking for a bargain that can turn a profit for them in these hard times. Flea market vendors will have their eye out for large groups of items, known as “box lots” or “tray lots.”

Auctioneers Fudge and Kulscar said that with unemployment on the rise, and a questionable economy, diversity is key. Expanding their markets should bring in additional customers, increase profit margins and enable them to offer a more diverse selection.

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