Better paper on the way

Thank you to those who took the time to write or call about Antique Trader‘s new look. It means a great deal to us as Antique Trader continues to evolve to better reflect the hobby and your changing tastes. Making such large changes to a 53-year-old antiques publication is an ongoing process and I respect that you care enough about the title to voice your opinion.

A selection of your letters is reprinted in Antique Trader magazine. They do a darn good job showing the passion you have for the hobby.

We’ve already heard the new format has streamlined delivery. A reader in New York state called and reported his copy arrived on time — a first for him over the last few issues. This reader also commented about the new size and the type of paper we use. Although he didn’t care for the paper stock, his immediate attention was on the fact the new size allows for more pages and better content, which matters more than ever now that its finally being delivered on time.

Nevertheless, you have spoken and we have listened. Although the new size is here to stay, we will be improving the quality of the paper in the next few weeks. The cover stock will be heavier and brighter. The inside pages will be a heavier, stronger sheet with less show through. The paper is an investment by F+W Media  for the sole purpose of improving Antique Trader’s readability.

Again, to all of you Antique Trader subscribers who wrote in – thank you. As always, I welcome and encourage you to request features or column topics on any collecting area. Feel free to send reactions to the articles, features, new look and our columnists at any time. Send your thoughts to Antique Trader Editor, 700 E State St., Iola, WI 54990 or to

On a related note, we are hearing reports that many of our subscribers have been targeted by agencies attempting to charge as much as $70 a year —  three times our promotional subscription rates. Official renewal notices will only come from Palm Coast Data and F+W Media, Inc.

If you receive a notice and you suspect it is not from Antique Trader, please call Palm Coast Data at 386-246-3434 and a representative can help you.

— Eric Bradley


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