Bonanzle passes 1.7 million items & 50,000 users

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Many of our followers and followees, if you will, list in the Bonanzle ( marketplace.

Bonanzle published a press release on April 26 touting excellent growth and success (considering it’s going head-to-head with the ever-present 700-pound online marketplace gorilla eBay):


Seven months out of Beta, Bonanzle surges
past 50,000 registered users and becomes the second largest eBay
alternative marketplace – in the same week

Kirkland, WA, April
26, 2009 – Just seven months out of beta, Bonanzle has continued to
climb the ranks as one of the brightest stars of ecommerce, surpassing
50,000 registered users and 1.7 million unique items in the same week. 

Innovative tools, simplicity, and an emphasis on non-generic
inventory have attracted over 13,000 sellers to Bonanzle since its
September 2008 launch.  These sellers have taken it upon themselves to
spread the word about Bonanzle amongst their friends and fellow
sellers, intent on building Bonanzle into the largest marketplace for
finding “everything but the ordinary.”  Thanks to their efforts,
Powersellersunite now shows Bonanzle to be the second largest eBay
alternative marketplace, with more than 1.7 million unique items
available for purchase.

Despite the success of the site in
building out inventory, Bonanzle’s team insists that the focus of the
site remains on providing the best experience for buyers looking to
purchase non-generic items.  Says Founder Bill Harding:

continue to be stunned at the support our selling community has given
us, and what they continue to achieve in terms of building inventory
and traffic.  For our part, we’re intent on reciprocating their efforts
by adding new features to the site every week, many of which are aimed
at improving the buying experience so buyers remember Bonanzle as the
easiest site to find the rare, unique, or otherwise non-generic item
they’re looking for.”

“Our latest effort on this front will
debut at the end of this week, and will allow buyers to browse our 1.7
million item inventory on a variety of new dimensions.  For example, if
you were shopping for soccer shin guards, and you wanted to see only
those made with fiberglass protection, we would provide that option.
When combined with our site-wide chat system, which facilitates real
time answers to buyer questions, we believe our reputation as the best
marketplace to find everything but the ordinary will continue to grow.”

you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an
interview with Bill Harding, please call Mark Dorsey at 206-396-7321 or
email Mark at

How about you readers? Have you experience buying and/or selling on Bonanzle? Has it been a good experience?