“Bonus” information on the Web

Hello everyone,

By now I’m sure you’ve all perused, at least superficially, through the new AntiqueTrader.com Web site. Did you know the AntiqueTrader.com site offers information that is not in the print edition of Antique Trader?

It’s true. Sometimes we don’t have enough room to run articles in the print version, and since we will never (a word that I don’t use often) run out of room on the Web, that’s where this information will find its home. Also, sometimes we get auction announcements too late to make the print edition, so you’ll find the most up-to-date information (as well as vast archives) on the AT Web site. You might call this “exclusive” or “bonus” Web content.

Did you know the feature articles and columns from Cotton & Quail Antique Gazette, which is a regional publication that is circulated only in the Southeast U.S., will also be found on the Antique Trader Web site? If you like Kyle Husfloen’s “Kyle on Antiques” column, you won’t want to miss Anne Gilbert’s “Antique Detective” columns, which are a regular feature in Cotton & Quail. (Click here to check out one of her columns and you’ll see what I mean.)

When I sit back and go through the pages and pages of articles that we’ve put on the new AntiqueTrader.com site, sometimes I’m a bit overwhelmed. I could get (happily, happily, happily) lost reading for days.

And we here at Antique Trader are pleased and excited to be able to share so much with you, our readers.

— Karen