Butter pat club offers china premium from Berlin

Butter pat collectors have a new reason to be enthusiastic about joining the Butter Pat Patter Association, America’s only club for connoisseurs of butter pats. Aficionados of this exciting collecting hobby are being offered a porcelain butter ramekin from the Five-Star Maritim Pro Arte Hotel in Berlin with their membership dues.

This chic hotel is located in what was formerly the Soviet-controlled East Berlin sector. Once the Berlin Wall came down, this historic hotel was renovated and upgraded. The porcelain ramekin is marked on the side “Maritim Pro Arte” and bottom marked with the name of the china manufacturer, Schönwald, Germany.

With payment of a $22 membership fee, new members will also receive ten issues of The Patter newsletter. Mary Dessoie, founder of the BPPA, remarked, “I know of no other club in the country that has such a low membership fee while continually offering such a variety china premiums as part of the membership.”

For additional information about the club and its members, in addition to sample copies of The Patter newsletter, please send a stamped (59 cents) self-addressed long envelope with $4 to: Mary Dessoie, Butter Pat Patter Association, 265 Eagle Bend Drive, Bigfork, MT 59911-6235.

For those persons who would like to start their subscriptions immediately and receive their Maritim Pro Arte individual butter ramekin by return mail, please send a check for $22, payable to Mary Dessoie and mention this special offer.

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