Buying stolen antiques online – a cautionary tale

Bad things do happen, even to antiques people and even in the South.


This is a story from a Nashville TV station – Newschannel 5 – about a guy whose rental was broken into, in Nashville, and who had $3,000 worth of antiques stolen from his house. A few months later he finds a listing for his property – as someone else’s property, of course – on Craigslist.

The address associated with the sale ended up being on the same street!

The police, however, do not think the seller knew he was selling stolen goods, let alone stolen goods from a house on the same street he lived on. I guess the thief, or thieves, took off that piece of yellowed and peeling masking tape with “In case this valuable antique is stolen please return to…” written in Sharpie on it.

“What? This stuff is stolen? And it belongs to you? And you live next door? Man, do I feel stupid…”

Chances are that stuff like this happens quit a bit, really.

The report does contain the rather ambiguous statement from the police that: “We’re hopeful this incident will get us to a major player in antique business in the area.”

For what, exactly?

Maybe the police are simply looking for some vintage posters to decorate the precinct…