Chattanooga antiques market sees some promise

I had the fortune to be interviewed by the Chattanooga
Times Free Press
last week for an article on the region’s antiques trade. You can see the full article here. There is even a little audio on the definition of an antique.

The reporter, Tamara Best, did a great job in summarizing the businesses’ ups and downs and even went the extra mile to add a few helpful hints from local shop owners and auctioneers. Some of the hints:

  • antique silver and oriental rugs are selling particularly well
  • utilize the Internet to sell
  • capitalize on social media
  • enhance their
    customer service, and
  • have a moderate rate of turnover

Each week I see more and more shop owners pop up on Facebook. This is a great way to generate some free publicity for your business.

What are some of the methods you are using to generate traffic, virtual or otherwise, into your shop? Feel free to share below.

-posted by Eric Bradley