Chattanooga History Center receives state grant

The Chattanooga History Center, formerly the Chattanooga Regional History Museum, has received a Community Enhancement Grant award in the amount of $10,000 from the State of Tennessee to design, develop and produce a series of programs which will be aligned to elementary and secondary school curriculum standards, and which can also be adapted to adult groups.

On completion of the sale of its property at Chestnut and Fourth Streets, the Center will move to a temporary site, without exhibit space, while its new facility is designed and built.

“This grant award is very important to the History Center,” said the Center’s Executive Director, Gail Pollock, “because it will enable us to serve the public as a museum-without-walls, using a variety of community sites and school outreach. The new program design will not only keep the Center publicly active during the next two years, it will also be a key part of transitioning into an active new model of ongoing History Center operation and programming.”