Collecting and the ‘happiness of pursuit’

One of the great things about this magazine is encountering such a diversity of people and the collections they are passionate about. One day may be pinback buttons and the next, Lalique hood ornaments. (Lalique hood ornament photo courtesy Lalique, France.)

at0630_lalique_chrysis_amber.jpgThe amazement extends into my private time and a recent feature on the often reclusive, but always intelligent, art collector Charles Saatchi, has fascinated me. He and his brother co-founded the global advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

Saatchi has been answering questions by readers of, an Internet news and commentary website. I eagerly check the site every week for another serving of idiosyncratic nuggets on how Saatchi views the world and his quest as a collector extraordinaire. Besides offering pithy responses to questions such as “What is mankind’s greatest unsolved mystery that particularly puzzles you?”

Saatchi: “Why kamikaze pilots wore helmets. Why is it called a TV set when you only get one? Why does a fat chance and a slim chance mean the same thing?

One reader asked Saatchi if he believed he had “a collecting obsessive compulsive disorder.”

His response: “My aim in life isn’t so much the pursuit of happiness as the happiness of pursuit.”

It’s under this philosophy that we offer you an excerpt of Kathy Flood’s new book, “Warman’s Jewelry,” 4th edition. It’s a departure from the other jewelry reference books we’ve offered and truly speaks to the heart of those passionate about a singular personal pursuit.

I hope you enjoy and take a moment to reflect on your own “happiness of pursuit.”

-posted by Eric Bradley


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