Collecting traditions

This week, we ran a story by Trina Spillman entitled Collecting Feature: Family traditions.

It’s a charming tale of her early introduction to the collecting habit when, as a child, she would help her mother and father search flea markets and antique stores for Royal Doulton Flambé and Nippon porcelain. And how she’s grown into a passionate collector, and has passed the collecting tradition on to her children.

I know many people will enjoy reading it as much as we here at Antique Trader have.

You, too, may be able to spotlight your collection and/or collecting tradition in Antique Trader.

Here’s how:

E-mail your story, with captioned photos to or mail to Antique Trader Collecting Spotlight, 700 E State St., Iola, WI 54945, attn: Sandra Sparks.

Photos should be well focused and clear. Remove items from any
protective covering that may cause glare. Include a photo of yourself.
If sending your story and photos via e-mail (preferred), see directions

Format: Save as jpeg or tiff

200 dpi or higher

Original image must be a minimum of 4 inches wide/deep

Compressing files:
If needed, files can be “zipped” and we can unzip them here.

Posting files:
Large files also can be posted to our ftp site at; select Inbound folder, then Antique Trader folder. Either drag image or copy and paste it into the folder.

If you have any questions, contact Sandra at the e-mail address above.

— Posted by Karen