Collectorpro releases new software

ALLEN, Texas – Collectorpro Software Group released new software for personal property appraisers that allows them to more accurately record details about single items or entire collections.

“This update represents the implementation of features and functions from suggestions from our end users,” said Chief Information Officer Brian Hiatt. “Working with our advisory council and appraisers from the ISA, AAA, and ASA, we have created several new features that are designed to allow Collectorpro Appraiser Edition to continue to be the leader in software tools for personal property appraisers.”

Some of the new features of Collectorpro Appraiser Edition include the ability to automatically create a custom glossary for each appraisal, new report formats for more condensed reports and the ability to record weight of objects in pounds or troy ounces.

Collectorpro Software Inc. was founded 17 years ago to help professional personal property appraisers gain efficiency and have more billable time. More information about Collectorpro products is available by contacting Linda Hiatt at 972-908-3964 or at