Columnists report on keys to antiques business success

This week we offer you two sides of the same coin.

Columnist Wayne Jordan and guest columnist Daryle Lambert write about the changing market place of antiques and how important it is for all of us to keep an eye towards the future while we enjoy the past.

Jordan’s column (Elements shifting power from antique dealers) talks about the changing way collectors are consuming information on antiques and collectibles. Collectors demand on-the-spot pricing analysis and research through hand-held, Internet-ready devices. We are seeing this more than ever on our website, as well as how advertisers are now promoting their auctions; many are replacing long listings of antiques and collectibles with a simple website address.

Lambert (Knowledge is the key to antique dealers’ success) urges dealers to branch out and keep learning about new areas and emerging trends. He urges dealers to attend antique shows, read magazines and network to get a better bead on what’s selling, and how prices are changing.

Both gentlemen offer crucial messages to today’s shoppers and dealers. The antiques world will never be the same from here on out. It’s our duty to usher in a new era for the next generation of collectors and dealers. That duty starts with investing in your skills and education.

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