Congrats to Ted Hake on 200th collectibles auction


Ted Hake‘s career dealing in iconic characters such as Mickey Mouse, Buck Rogers and famous politicians has risen to its own iconic status. Regularly referred to as a dean of American pop culture and Americana, Hake will go down in history as leading the charge to celebrate our nation’s shared childhood. 

Hake has a deep and profound respect for his fellow collectors. That respect trickles throughout the rest of his business. What impresses me the most about him is that he doesn’t discriminate against the items that make people happy. It doesn’t matter if you find joy in tiny, inexpensive political buttons or in $150,000 display figures. We’re glad to offer you a snapshot, however brief, of his 50-year passion for collectibles

Inside this issue you’ll also discover a new feature to Antique Trader. Starting with the May 12 issue , we will feature the column 60-Second Silver by Jeffrey Herman, owner of Jeffrey Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation of West Warwick, R.I. Herman is a craftsman and expert silversmith. His columns will range from general information about silver to technical tips. 

On a more serious note, we at Antique Trader and F+W Media, Inc. must differentiate ourselves from a company that has adopted our name into its business. This online company is offering an antiques-related scholarship contest for high school students using the Antique Trader name. It is important to us that our readers know our magazine brand in no way supports or endorses this promotion, nor are we affiliated with the company in any way. We have contacted the company and are working to resolve the matter.

Since Antique Trader has one of the most developed and comprehensive antiques related websites on the Internet, we shouldn’t be surprised over this latest incidence, a practice known as cybersquatting.

We sincerely apologize if the fraudulent use of our name causes our longtime readers and recent subscribers any inconvenience – you can do that when you’ve been around for 53 years.

— Eric Bradley


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