Contents of Ole Lumberyard antique shop up for sale

KIRWIN, Kan. – Shopping at the antique store called the Ole Lumberyard is now but a memory after the recent passing of Cheryl M. Rader in November, 2009. Rader’s husband, Randy Vaughn, credits his late wife with the vision that made the Ole Lumberyard a destination for collectors. He has decided not to carry on the antiques business.

All the antiques housed in the Ole Lumberyard will be featured in a series of antiques auctions May 14-16 and again May 22-23, 2010 by Ashley’s Auction Service. Photos of the inventory are posted on

Many of the items slated for the auction originally were purchased at auctions in upstate New York and Northern Vermont, including a primitive buggy jack and a cowboy bathtub designed for use in a covered wagon. There are some very rare pieces such as a Murphy Bed and an old 1878 pump organ from Barre, Vermont, that still works, as well as a diverse selection of antique and rare furniture.

Other items include a large collection of doctor’s equipment, paraphernalia and furniture all from an old sanitorium in Waconda Springs, Kansas.

For more information call 785-543-5612 or visit

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