Could economic downturn mean upswing for antiques?

We’re all tired of watching the prices creep up at the gas pump. Some of us may be to the point we are canceling trips or limiting our overall spending. In an atmosphere of penny pinching, where does one go for a decent bargain? Look no further than your favorite antiques store or flea market.

Could a downturn in the economy mean an upswing for the antiques industry and second-hand retailers? Some dealers in Macon, Georgia, seem to think so.

From the Macon Telegraph comes this story: Midstate antique, flea market vendors benefit from slow economy.

Says Linda Foster, a dealer at The Antique Mall: “Because people are pinching pennies, they now have a tendency to come in and shop at places likes this. Things may not be exactly new, but the quality is good and so are the prices.”

Another dealer says he’s seen business spike 10 percent over last summer. How’s that for encouraging news? People may come in looking for a bargain, but what we hope they’ll find is a renewed interest in the “old” once again.

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