Countdown to Labor Day

Well, folks, Labor Day is two weeks away. That means, of course, the end of summer. Kids head back to school and we can look forward to cooler weather, shorter days, and autumn colors sool following.

Labor Day also means antique shows. The York Antiques Show runs from Aug. 29-31, there are many holiday antiques fairs, shows, markets and fleas also running through the Labor Day holiday weekend all over the country…not to mention all the auction opportunities.

But let’s not forget about the collectibles dedicated to this century-old holiday itself! Robert Reed wrote this week’s Antique Trader cover story on Labor Day collectibles.

Visit and check it out! (Or you can click on the cover image below.) And don’t forget to check out the story “An antique collection can save the day when times get hard” — it’s a MUST read.