Despite changes, ‘softening economy,’ eBay still rakes in the dough

This is from a U.K. paper, The Register, about the exoribtant amount of cash eBay raked in during the  first quarter of the year this year, despite all the changes and what new CEO James Donaohoe called a “softening economy” on both sides of the pond.

The catch is that the eBay user base didn’t really grow during this period. So where did all the moolah come from?

A weak dollar, for one, and jacked up fees on its sellers, for two. Oh yeah, how can we not mention the fact that number three must be PayPal, the unit that all users ore explicitly forced to use for their payment transactions, this from the Wall Street Journal. The whole PayPal forced use thing is the part that I personally find the most distasteful.

See, when you own the whole monopoly board, you’re going to have all the money.