Despite it’s corporate blindness, good ephemera deals on eBay still exist

For some reason it was very hard to write the headline to this post and not sound like I was trying to speak like Yoda…

“Hmmm… On eBay good ephemera buys still there are… Blind is eBay corporate… they must unlearn what they have learned…”

But I digress.

Marty at Ephemera Blog has posted this about another post he read and enjoyed about eBay still being the place to get good buys on ephemera, and he’s right. Put aside your feelings about eBay corporate acting like a bunch of dolts in hurting it’s dealer base and you can see, just by reading Marty’s post, and the post he links to, that they’re right.

As Master Yoda might say, “By your anger blinded be not… Good buys on ephemera there still are…”