Dillsboro Antiques Festival cancelled

DILLSBORO, N.C. – Show organizers announced the Dillsboro Antiques Festival, scheduled for Sept. 19, has been cancelled. “We are disappointed the festival will not be held, but an insufficient number of vendors were able to commit to the show due to current economic conditions,” according to a statement released by Dawn Hummel, proprietor of the Olde Town Inn of Dillsboro. 

“Although the antiques event is cancelled, there is still much to see and do in historic Dillsboro, and ‘Art in the Park’ at our award-winning Green Energy Park will be held on the 19th as scheduled.” More information about the show and the cancellation is available at www.dillsboro-oldetowne.com or by calling 800-962-1911.

— Posted by Karen Knapstein


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Karen Knapstein

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