Ellen Schroy and Warman’s call it a day

This is breaking news inside the building where I work, and where the Warman’s title is based, edited and published. I have it on good authority that Warman’s and longtime writer, appraiser, antique-lover and all around cool lady, Ellen Schroy, have decided part ways. I understand an official announcement will be forthcoming.

I want to say on a personal note, and as a fan of Ellen’s prolific body of work over the decade – almost three of them – that she is one of the most knowledgable and personable folks in the business. Most of all, she’s honest with her opinion, which is invaluable. It was my pleasure to work with her on the Atlantique City Antiques Show last October, and it will be a pleasure again to emcee the appraisal event this coming March 29 and 30. We will be able to properly fete Ellen at the show. Get her to sign those books if you got them.

Warmans 2008 Antique Guide

Ellen is a class act. I hope I will be able to tempt her to write some things for Trader in the months to come. As many have said to me about her, Ellen has forgotten more about antiques than I’ll ever know.