Family-owned business grabs two international awards

schultz auctioneers landmark realtyUPSALA, Minn. – Schultz Auctioneers, a family-run auction firm, has recently been recognized as one of the international leaders in auction advertising. Competing against industry peers as far away as South Africa, the firm was awarded two first place honors in the National Auctioneers Association’s (NAA) annual marketing competition, sponsored by USA Today.

Despite literally dozens of awards on the Minnesota state level, these honors represent the first time that Schultz has earned international commendation for their advertising. According to Chris Longly, the public relations manager for the NAA, one of Schultz’s awards won the most-contested category (“well over a hundred” entries out of the more than 1,300 entries submitted from around the globe).

“They really took down some heavy weights,” divulged Ryan George, who has designed over 1,300 direct mail pieces and over 5,000 newsprint ads for the auction industry. “The winning real estate piece went toe to toe with the best work from some auction industry giants and came away with the title,” said George. “This competition reflects the growing grass-roots democracy of advertising in general: the best presentation and message can trump even the mass-produced, well-funded efforts of large corporations,” continued the author of the AdverRyting blog.

“We’ve taken some chances and pushed the envelope here in Minnesota for auction advertising,” said Mike Schultz, president of the firm.  “It’s starting to pay off in more than just increased sales,” Schultz noted. “Both of our awards were tied to a project we marketed with our joint venture partners at SKY Sotheby’s, themselves known for their top-shelf branding.” Schultz credited several of their professional partnerships with helping this family business compete with local and larger firms.

The second award – for online advertising campaign – was the first-ever won in this category, as the NAA created it this year to reflect the growing media marketplace auctioneers are using to gain exposure for their sales. John Schultz, vice president for operations and Web developer at the firm commented, “That was huge for us. Stories about our leading-edge Web practices have been printed in industry publications, but this award validates our effort and rewards the risks we’ve taken to stay at the forefront.”

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