FL antique thief busted

Good for the Palm Beach police department and the antiques community there.

The cops busted a guy that had lifted several thousand dollars worth of antiques from four different shops. Sad thing is that he probably wouldn’t have been caught or pursued by the police if he hadn’t been involved in a hit-and-run shortly before he got picked up.

These things obviously go on all the time at antiques shops, malls and shows across the country. Is it the perception of antiques that keep enforcement from being more stringent, or simply that law enforcement has better things to do with their time than worry about antique theft?

I think, as I’m sure anyone that reads this would, that communities would be well-served to pay attention to antique theft.

Think about it: Any given weekend (not to mention weekday traffic) there are thousands of shows, shops and auctions going on, and thousands and thousands of people going to these places. Do the math on it and you get a huge amount of dollars. Extrapolate possible theft and that equals many thousands of dollars of lost revenue right there.

It starts by getting one thief at a time, and the Palm Beach police force has done its part today. Once again, I say, good for them!