GA auctioneer looks to revitalize FDR’s ‘second home’

WARM SPRINGS, Ga. – This town, known worldwide as the second, and favorite, home of Franklin D. Roosevelt for more than 20 years, has captured the hearts of many. In more recent years, the town has caught the eye of auctioneer Preston Evans, who has operated Opportunities Auction in nearby Newnan for more than a quarter century.

The attraction of the town pertains equally to its people and its history. FDR literally loved its people, and he worked to bring lasting and rewarding opportunities to the area. More than 60 years after he died at his Warm Springs home, his “Little White House” is still a very important attraction for the area.

Warm Springs 1 AT 3-5.jpgWarm Springs, Ga., once the second home to FDR, will soon be home to antiques stores and kid-friendly rides and attractions.

Evans has purchased an area that consists of bucolic scenery surrounded by eight buildings resembling the types of buildings that were found in the town during the 19th century. The little plot was once a thriving part of downtown Warm Springs, but has fallen victim to the difficult economic conditions that have hurt so much of the rest of the nation in recent years.

Warm Springs 2 AT 3-5.jpgAuctioneer Preston Evans has a vision to return Warm Springs to its storied past as an antiques destination and a vacation haven.

Evans envisions making many changes to bring vitality back to the spot. The idea is to make the area a place to visit for children – there are merry-go-rounds and other rides  – and adults, with several antiques and collectibles shops surrounding the central area.

If the past is indicative of the future, one can expect to see coin-operated devices such as antique slot machines, jukeboxes, phonographs, and other mechanical devices.

The plans are for the grand opening of the stores in the Courtyard to take place on March 22, the Saturday before Easter, with an Easter egg hunt set for the children.

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