Gas $4 a gallon? Will you drive to an antiques show?

I know it’s important to stay postive, and I do my best, but isn’t $104 per barrel oil going to translate into $4 gas by the summer?

Here’s the AP’s Report.

Dealers, not to meantion buyers, haven’t been willing to drive too far with $3 gas, let alone .50 cents to $1 more per gallon. How many dealers will drive 1100 miles to do a show, in a van or hauling a trailer? How many customers can foot the same?

It seems the debate, in the end, comes back once more to the Internet and its role. The ol’ Web takes a fair amount of abuse from all angles, but with oil so high, it looks like the way of business.

What eats more of your pocket book? Postage or petrol?