Haines shares the art of collecting on Houston TV

HOUSTON — Nationally-renowned antiques and collectibles expert Reyne Haines now has a new title — TV star.

Haines is the star of “The Art of Collecting,” a regionally sponsored program which airs twice weekly on television station KPRC Channel 2, Houston’s NBC affiliate.

Hosted by local weatherman Jonathan Novack, the show premiered Sept. 10 during the 11 a.m. news hour.

Haines roams the field to address topics ranging from the antiques and collectibles market to integrating antiques with modern design. The show is expected to grow to a 30-minute weekly program in the near future. Each segment airs on Thursdays, with a re-airing on Saturdays in the 6 a.m. hour. Following broadcast, episodes will be available for streaming at www.click2houston.com.

More information is available at www.click2houston.com in the Lifestyle section.

A Woodlands, Texas, resident, Haines is regularly called upon to appraise collectibles ranging from antique watches to $20 million paintings. She appears frequently in the national media, including The Early Show on CBS, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius, among many others. Haines is also a contributor to the Warman’s Antiques & Collectibles 2010 Price Guide 43rd edition (Krause Publications). Haines has a richly illustrated book on watch collecting forthcoming from Krause, the leading collectibles publisher, and she appears on the hugely popular PBS-TV series Antiques Roadshow.

She is also a contributor to Houston lifestyle publication 002; her September article, on vintage barware, can be read at www.002mag.com. KPRC-TV is owned and operated by Post-Newsweek Stations, a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company.

Antique Trader editor Eric Bradley recently spoke with Haines about her new television show:

Antique Trader: What’s it like to bring antiques to the public through the television show?

Reyne Haines: TV is a great medium. People like being entertained while educated. The response from the viewing public in Houston and from our fans on Facebook have been great. All they want to know is, what’s next?

AT: Did you expect the public would be so eager to learn about antiques and collectibles?

RH: Collecting is something that captures all of our hearts. It’s a walk down memory lane for many of us. Even when one collector isn’t interested in what another collects, they always love the back story behind why they collect. We do a lot of fun things on “The Art of Collecting,” from visiting with dealers to talking about the state of the current market, how to care for your collection, how to decorate with antiques, and we also go to collectors’ homes to see their collections and find out what the drive is behind it. Who doesn’t want to take a peek in someone else’s goodie bag?

AT: What is the most important lesson(s) you want your viewers to learn when they watch your show?

RH: To buy what you love. Don’t buy something purely because someone else does, or because its the “hot” thing going. If the market takes a tumble, and you don’t appreciate it, where does that leave you? If you buy it because you love it, you can never go wrong.