Has the bottom dropped out?

antique grandfather clock.jpgFrom the Wall Street Journal: New Bargains on Old Furniture: As 18th- and 19th-Century Antiques Fall Out of Favor, Prices are Plummeting

A very interesting article to be sure. I like that the author cited several of the big names in the antiques marketplace who have different positions and see a different perspective of the situation.

The result: Good news for buyers, bad news for sellers. Sellers of mid-century modern may have a fighting chance to keep a decent share of the market.

Personally, it sounds like it’s a good time for me to look to upgrade my antique dining room set.

Now, if I can just find one of the deals they say is out there …

What do all of you think? I think down-turn, but has the bottom dropped out of the market?

— Karen               

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