Heritage offers free dino teeth to kids

A free dinosaur tooth will be given to each of the first 100 children
(ages 7 to 13, and accompanied by an adult) who visit the headquarters
of Heritage Auction Galleries, 3500 Maple, in Dallas between 12 noon
and 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 17. Each 67-million year old tooth is
from a giant, meat-eating Spinosaurus, the largest carnivore to ever
walk the earth, and will be given away during the preview of Heritage’s Signature Natural History Auction to be held on Sunday, Jan. 18.
and dinosaurs are a natural fit, as any parent will tell you,” said
David Herskowitz, Director of Natural History at Heritage. “If a child
goes crazy over a plastic dino you pick up at a toy store, imagine what
it will be like for them to have an actual tooth of what was once a
real live hunting and fighting dinosaur.”
spinosaurus tooth.jpgThe
dino teeth being given away range in size from 3/4 of an inch to 1 1/2
inches. The offer is strictly limited to the first 100 eligible kids
that come into the gallery.
As Heritage has become the world
leader in Natural History Auctions, it has also increased its
commitment to creating the next generation of dedicated and educated
collectors. A prize like the Spinosaur teeth being offered will not
only make any child the envy of every kid on the block, it also
presents a real, tangible link to one of the greatest creatures the
world knew – or ever will know again – tens of millions of years ago.
Little could serve as more inspiration, or edification, to a budding
“We are very committed to our role as the
world’s leading Natural History auctioneer,” said Herskowitz. “Part of
that role is to educate both our clients and their families, and to
bring history alive in a way that only the real thing can possibly do.”
in the gallery, children and parents alike will also have the
opportunity to view the vast array of significant natural history
treasures being offered at auction starting at 1 p.m. the next day,
Sunday, Jan. 18.
Some of these singular relics include a 93% intact skull of a Triceratops,
one of the fiercest and most famous dinosaurs of all. This massive
specimen – five feet wide and seven feet long – is in fantastic
condition, is as rare as they come and features the three large horns
that this dinosaur is known for.
Also on view will be a virtually complete flying dinosaur known as a Petrosaur; an enormous 11-1/2 foot tusk from a Woolly Mammoth; a 336 pound Iron meteorite and pieces of the moon and the planet Mars.
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