History’s Jackpot: A great place to start

I had the chance to read Craig Gottlieb’s History’s Jackpot, Investing in Antique Collectibles over the weekend.

Historys Jackpot cover.jpgIt’s a brand new book that just came out in October, and Mr. Gottlieb has chosen to use Antique Trader to help get the word out, making him a valuable supporter for Antique Trader and AntiqueTrader.com.

I’m glad I read it. It has a lot of valuable information and advice about buying antique collectibles that will not only hold their value, but will increase with value over time.

[Read the full book review here.]

Just as important as being able to pick those items that will increase in value over time is knowing which items to stay away from. Mr. Gottlieb – and others – recommend you stay away from manufactured collectibles if you would like to recoup your investment. If you’re buying that Franklin Mint plate because it speaks to you and you plan to treasure it for years, that’s fine. Buy it and enjoy it. But even years down the line, you or your heirs probably won’t be able to sell it for what you paid for it.

I found it to be valuable reading.

— Posted by Karen


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