It’s time to Sell! Sell! Sell! that antiques inventory

Sell! Sell! Sell!

Wayne Jordan finally says out loud what many dealers and collectors are thinking when they enter certain shops and malls all over the country. Antiques dealers, why not sell your languishing stock as fast as you can to buy up the fresh merchandise that you can sell at a profit. Admit it. You’ve thought it too.

This is why the auction business has captured so much of the antiques market over the last five years. Items are selling at current market conditions. Obviously, that’s not happening at some of the shops and malls across the country. In many cases you could walk through one blindfolded and know exactly which antiques you’ll bump into because they’ve been sitting in the same spot for months – maybe even years.

Jordan smartly shows us why it is more profitable for dealers to sacrifice their mistakes quickly to free up capital, which enables them to buy better stock. It’s great reading this week and you’ll learn something about the ways dealers and collectors must cope in what many are deeming the “new normal” economy. 

Read Wayne Jordan’s “Behind the Gavel: Inventory, Investment, and Perception” here.

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