Jewelry author/expert Flood heads first major jewelry sale for Auctions Auctions has enlisted Kathy Flood, author of Warman’s Jewelry, 4th Edition, as an auction specialist securing jewelry consignments specifically tailored to interest Antique Trader readers and collectors. Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, crafts, petroliana, the Beatles, cinema, plastics, Hummels or all things Disney, you’ll find jewelry that crosses over into all those popular collecting categories.

Like what?

* For the romantic hunter, a huge antique swivel cameo with pierced-ivory woodland setting featuring two deer, symbolizing eternal love. Flip it and add a photo, a lock of hair, or another cameo. 

* For fish fanciers, vintage rarities such as a Bakelite brooch with the carved catch of the day strung on a long, delicate celluloid pole, or a huge metal game fish with massive fins, sword nose and jewels all over.

* Movie lovers won’t want to deNile themselves the chance to own the Egyptian queen herself, Cleopatra, as portrayed by Academy-Award-winning actress Vivien Leigh. The rare 1940s sculptural 3-D brooch, affiliated with the film “Caesar and Cleopatra,” is scarce and highly collectible. It’s the most well-known figural in the series, a gilded-sterling rendition of the fabulous femme fatale.

What do jewelry lovers and petroliana “passionistas” have in common? A huge vintage tiger brooch, for one, a big cat of orange plastic and rubber who not only grins charmingly from a lapel but stands at full attention on any flat surface. Still has original Skelley Carburation sticker on back. You can put this rare breed of tiger in your tank by winning him in’s October jewelry auction.

Hummel hounds won’t want to miss’s jewelry auction either. We’ve gotten in three separate lots of 1940s Hummel brooches, including The Merry Wanderer, The Apple Thief, Meditation, The Little Fiddler, Letter to Santa Claus, Retreat to Safety … and more. It’s a Hummelpalooza of huge vintage pins for the connoisseur of Sister Maria Innocentia’s art!

Beyond themed collectibles, you’ll find simply beautiful bijoux, including diamonds, pearls, silver and juicy jadeite. Watch for many exciting pieces coming right out of the pages of the newly released "Warman’s Jewelry, Fine & Costume Jewelry, 4th Edition."

For consignment information on’s October Jewelry Auction visit or call 888-463-3063.  ?

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